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Check the latest information!

"With the supreme moment in a luxurious space
Exquisite hospitality by sophisticated host "
CLUB Ai was born in 2017 as a basic concept.
There is [Affection = Affection] in the fierce battle area Osaka
It is a shop 【Innovative = Innovative】 Still the shop
Taking its initials from the desire to create,
I named it "Ai".

You can lead a part in the host club industry
I think that it is our mission.
A floor area of 130 tsubo total construction cost 100 million yen was spent
Luxurious and luxurious interior
It was advanced in Osaka that was not until then
I gave a big topic as a host club.
In addition, we are focusing on host adoption
We adopted only hosts who cleared up tough interviews,
We are also focusing on education and training.

【Deliver superb healing to all women】

This is the common philosophy of CLUB Ai all staff.

When you stop by Osaka, come visit the princess
We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely.


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30,000 yen/90 minutes course

Beer, coffee high soft drink, all you can drink
Fruit platter

70,000 yen/90 minutes course

Beer, coffee high, soft drink all you can drink
Sake or Japanese whiskey-1 bottle of champagne
Fruit platter

150,000 yen/90 minutes

Beer, coffee high, soft drink all you can drink
Sake or Japanese whiskey
1 bottle of champagne
With champagne call
Fruit platter

1,000,000 yen/90 minutes

Beer, coffee high, soft drink all-you-can-drink
Japanese sake or Japanese whiskey
10 bottles of champagne
Champagne call
Champagne tower
Fruit platter

■What is the champagne call?

One of the host club culture in Japan.
A special microphone performance will be performed by all the hosts, focusing on customers.
It is common for Japanese host clubs to drink champagne.

■What is the Champagne Tower?

Pour the champagne from the top into a pyramid of champagne glasses. It is a very fantastic way of drinking. It is preferred by celebrities.
※Sake and whiskey can be taken home without drinking. Please use it as a souvenir.

Host club rates in Japan are very complex. Therefore, we propose a plan that is easy for foreign customers to understand. Please be assured that customers who have chosen the above plan will not be charged any other fees.

Payment Method

Japanese yen


There is no tip system in our shop.
Please be careful not to drink too much or drink too much.
Please use WeChat, KakaoTalk for communication.

Please contact the staff to use Wi-Fi.
Reception hours are from 20:00 to 23:00.
Please enjoy a wonderful night.