はじめての「Ai」 ホストクラブの楽しみ方

「First time host club」

For those who use it for the first time,
"The host club has a high threshold"
I think that there are many people who feel it.
"Ai" is a thorough customer service education,
While sticking to a fashionable store while keeping a high-class feeling,
It is used by many customers.
Never to host club
Those who have never come,
It is a store that you can use with confidence.
As you can use our shop,
We are waiting for the top staff in Japan.

Entrance beyond that

When you pass the entrance,
It was wrapped in an elegant adult atmosphere
A gorgeous and glittering world.
A paradise that can not be tasted in everyday life
Please enjoy.

Request for presentation of ID card

To customers who visit us for the first time,
Because I am allowed to confirm the identity of the person
We are requesting presentation of ID card.
When visiting, you can verify yourself
Please bring it. ※It is effective and I will assume that there is a face photo.
At ACE Group, customers under the age of 18
We are refusing to enter the store.

Inside a luxurious and relaxing store

Inside the calm shop with luxury,
Time that you can relax and enjoy
I hope you have a good time.
Interior decorated with attention to detail
I am applying.

Initial charge & payment method

1H / 1,000 yen
Free / 3,000 yen
open bar

※ We are limited to customers without nominations.
Even customers who visited us for the first time ※,
You can nominate your favorite host.

All the checkouts are taken out by slip.
Requests of receipt,
Please do not hesitate to tell us.
Payment is made by various credit cards
You can use it.

A rich drink & food

We have various kinds of liquors.
Also, our shop is full of food
You can enjoy delicious food as well.

Nomination fee and rules

We have various kinds of liquors.
Also, our shop is full of food
You can enjoy delicious food as well.

The host club's nomination is
It will be "permanent nomination".
Since you can not change the host in charge in principle,
"Responsible" suitable for customer's preference
Please choose.
When there is a point which does not reach our shop host
Please do not hesitate to contact us.